Escape to Rügen Island (Sellin)

We Berliners keep looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the crowded life in Berlin. So this past weekend we finally managed to travel up North to the Baltic Sea, more precisely onto the Rügen Island, known for its beaches and white chalk cliffs. 

We stayed the night in the seaside town of Sellin, which in itself is a pretty little town with plenty of villas and restaurants.  The beautiful villas in Sellin had a very charming and finely carved architectural style known as the Baederarchitektur

These white villas can be found everywhere! along the promenade and in the town centre, they seemed to boost the sunlight with their white glow. These eye catching villas have beautifully decorated balconies with carved wooden furniture (mostly painted in white) and small artistic statuettes. 

Strolling along the beautifully laid villas, we passed many restaurants, bars and shops before reaching the beautiful resort seebrücke, waow! love at first sight 🙂 i must say. The pier (as its called) is the landmark of the Island of Rügen and is a perfect place for a celebration. 

Located a couple of hundred meters into the sea, offering a great view after we have walked out to the end. The stairs down to the beach are quite steep with many steps but there is a small funicular (which is free) that takes you down and up.

But thats not all! wait till you see it at night, simply breathtaking! falling in love with this beautiful and one of the most picturesque sight is inevitable. Every time i laid my eyes at it, ahhhh! yes a long sigh of relief :). The beautiful colors of the setting sun in the sky just added to the beauty of this view. 

So! Where to eat?

Curious about how it smells like in the kitchens alongside the Baltic Sea? 
For me the most important thing is to find the right balance among the various flavors that come not just from nature, but also from innovation. Yes! inventing new and tasty food. 

Being said all this, I would Highly recommend trying out Restaurant Zur Kajüte, offering very tasty & true Nordic style food. I find it a bit hard to describe the taste so you must visit and taste it by yourself! 🙂

Other places that come with a good recommendation :

Where to Stay

I would highly recommend staying close to The Pier, so that you can have a late night stroll along-side the beach and absorb in the beautiful views of the setting sun and the breathtakingly beautiful Pier at night.

We stayed at Villa Elisabeth which is a family-run house with restaurant, library and large sun terrace. The room was very spacious, neat and very well made with a beautiful terrace and view. I would highly recommend staying at this place as its just 600m away from The Pier. Moreover they also provided us with a free parking ticket that you can use to park in the town. Pretty Cool huh!

Besides this some other nice places to stay close to The Pier would be:

When To visit

The peak time to visit would be between June-August. Though you should always keep some warm clothes with you as the evenings tend to get cold especially when it gets cloudy (which is ver often).

Hey, Its peak time to visit this beautiful Island and enjoy the northern sun, so what are you waiting for? Lets pack :). 

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Until next time Keep on Traveling! 

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