Escape to Rügen Island (Sellin)

We Berliners keep looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the crowded life in Berlin. So this past weekend we finally managed to travel up North to the Baltic Sea, more precisely onto the Rügen Island, known for its beaches and white chalk cliffs. 

We stayed the night in the seaside town of Sellin, which in itself is a pretty little town with plenty of villas and restaurants.  The beautiful villas in Sellin had a very charming and finely carved architectural style known as the Baederarchitektur

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A visit to Serengeti Safari Park Hodenhagen,Germany

It has always been my dream to visit Kenya or Tanzania for a chase after the wild Lions and Elephants, though Zebra’s and Giraffes would be sufficient as well :).

Visiting the Serengeti Safari in Germany was a very good experience which i will be sharing with you guys soon. I came to know of this place through YouTube, when i was just browsing through some videos of safari all around the world i landed upon this video, which said “Wild life Safari in Germany”!

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