Keema & Vege Fried Rice (Minced Meat & Vege Fried Rice)

Who doesn’t like fried rice? I mean really we all just love them i am sure. The Minced meat and vegetables just add so much flavor, delicacy and authenticity to this Chinese dish.

Try this quick and easy fried rice recipe at home and you wont have to order from your favorite Chinese restaurant. I made this recipe with Minced meat (beef), but you can always replace it with shredded chicken.

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Chicken Tikka Pizza (with Veggie twist)

Chicken Tikka Pizza!  spicy and cheesy pizza topped with delicious chicken tikka cubes and a mix of vegetables and pineapple. The exotic tastes of the spices and chicken tikka chunks paired with cheese and delicious Garlic herb pizza dough. One of the best homemade pizza recipe ever!

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Garlic Herb Pizza Dough Recipe

This is my go-to dough recipe, and i have used this tons of time to prepare a dough that has a crispy crust but is also soft and tender from the inside. 

The added herbs, egg and garlic powder adds a very nice taste to the dough and hence you can also use this recipe to bake a very tasty bread. 

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Stir fried chicken and veggie spaghetti

I simply love chicken and veggie spaghetti. Its quick, light and tasty. Most recipes for chicken spaghetti call for cheese and cream, but i wanted to keep this light and part of my brunch routine. So here is the recipe, i hope you guys will try and and love it as much as i do :). 

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