The city of a hundred spires

Picturesque and Pretty!!! Known as The City of a hundred spires (Stovezata Praha in Czech language). So, is it true? Has Prague really 100 spires? Actually its not! because Prague has more then 500 spires :).  

In the recent years, Prague has become one of the top European destinations and has been compared to other major capitals such as Vienna, Paris and Rome. 

Prague is a wonderful city, the historical buildings are well restored, it feels amazing to wander around the lovely tiny streets and observe the beautiful examples of Baroque architecture. 

Although almost every building has a spire on its roof top, but still, here’s a small list of some interesting spires:

Prague is worth a visit for tourists as well as travelers. The main square which we visited everyday for the 3 days we were there(the first time around and 2 days the second time) gives a beautiful charm to the city.

The lively square is lined with pretty ornate decorated buildings in different architectural styles from Gothic to Baroque. The busy cafes on all four sides of the square, and not to forget the fact that something is always happening in this busy square.

The city is amazing and beautiful! The castle is grand and magnificent! and the view from the hilltop where the magnificent castle stands is aaaamazing.

You don’t have to wait for the viewing spot to be clear of all the lousy tourists, because i have found just the perfect spot for a perfect view, clear of all the tourist drama. The vine yards!

Yes right next to the slope from where you go down the palace hill are the vine gardens. The view from there is just amazing and clear of all the crowd. The hundreds of spires that pop up on top of every other roof top are picturesque.

The oldest bridge in the very heart of Prague, The Charles Bridge, is the top stop on every tourist’s must-see list. Strolling Charles Bridge with stunning views of the Prague castle is one of the major tourist activity. Charles bridge itself is very lively, lots of musicians, singers, artists all along the way, floods of tourists and locals.  

But I would say that Charles Bridge has fallen victim to its own popularity. This place is packed with tourists, artists and locals almost all the time. To avoid snapshotting tourists blocking the stunning view, you either have to go very late in the night or early morning (thats what the locals suggested, maybe i will try that next time i visit). 

Where to eat!

Prague is literally full of restaurants but i am going to mention some places where you can eat true traditional Czech dishes.

Just a few minutes from the Charles bridge in a quite street. Excellent traditional food in reasonable prices. 

After some classic food? Yes! this is where you will find it. Don’t let the interior of this place be a turn off (wood carvings and stuff). Whether its a local speciality or a good old schnitzel with some potato salad and goulash, its all delicious. Don’t forget to try some fried cheese.

If you are staying in Prague for a longer period and can spare some time for some travel, you have to try this restaurant located in the small village of Cakovicky. This is a shrine of Czech cuisine. There is not much to decide from as the menu is brief, there are several daily specials on the blackboard. But its amazing. 

Where to stay!

I’ll say there are more hotels in central Prague than there are streets :P.  The Old Town has by far the most number of attractions and is the most feasible place to stay . However, it is in general also the most crowded and expensive part of Prague

Although I always advise people to start their search in the Old Town(specially if your trip lasts fewer days) but keep in mind that Prague is very well connected by public transport so it won’t be much of a problem if you stay in the outskirts of Prague where you can find bargains which are hard to reject.

When to visit!

Thinking about when to visit Prague? There are a number of factors to consider.

  • First the weather

In general late spring and early fall (starting from second half of May and the months of June and September) are your best chance of a nice weather. The temperature during these months is quite pleasant, somewhere between 20°C -29°C with a sunny or partly sunny sky, and mildly cool evenings.

July and August are pretty hot, but if that’s not a problem for you then go ahead :).

  • Fellow travelers (crowd)

During July and August Prague is at its busiest. Late spring and early fall are still busy but not as much as the hot months of July and August. The slowest time would be the cold months of November – mid March, so if you don’t mind the cold and prefer a less crowded Prague, this would be a good time for you to travel to Prague.

All in all, Prague is pretty—-Visit it—-and You’ll just love it!! 

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Until next time Keep on Traveling! 



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