Inside the Diocletian’s Palace: Split, Croatia

With our apartment located inside the Diocletian’s Palace! it was perfect to start exploring the real and vibrant city of Split.  The main sights in Split, Croatia could easily be covered in a day, but if you want to enjoy the city more thoroughly (maybe island hoping or strolling through the streets) you might want to stay longer. 

The Walking Tour of Split we took was a great orientation to the fabulous old town of Split. The tour began at the entrance of the Diocletian’s Palace and with a mix of history and information and personal insights moved us through the ancient city at a very easy going and entertaining pace. We experienced the culture, shopping, narrow lanes, ruins, markets and ended the tour at the waterfront after an enjoyable 90 minutes.

Diocletian’s Palace was built in the 4th century as a seaside residence for the Roman Emperor, today this palace forms about half the old town of Split.  Calling it palace seemed very misleading as it seemed more like a fort to me, the walls , the architecture and the rooms all look like they are part of a fort. 

The inside of Diocletian’s Palace has a fantastic mix of locals and tourists.  Many shops, restaurants, bars and apartments for tourists are now found inside the palace.  In the morning, i found some local folks singing traditional songs for the tourists.

Some things you mights wanna do:

  • Wander around the old city centre and marvel at the remains of the palace.
  • Climb the bell tower of the Cathedral of Saint Domnius.
  • Enjoy local cafe’s.
  • And walk around the beautiful bay. 

Climbing the bell tower is a must if you are a sucker for beautiful views of the town and the beautiful blue sea. 

Where to eat!

One thing i noticed was that at-least 80% of the restaurants in Split serve the same menu and that is either pizza, pasta or risotto. I am going to list some of the restaurants with good view, reasonable and good quality food.

  • Zrno soli: located in town’s marina, the main attraction of this restaurant is its location and the views it has to over. The beautiful terrace overlooks the sea, boats in the marina and the town. The food is fresh and well cooked and served. 
  • Restaurant Dvor: located at a few minutes walk outside the old town, the restaurant not only offers stunning views of the sea but also some quality food. The meat and fish dishes are grilled and delicious. 
  • Tavern Fetivi: located close to the harbor, and serves excellent food. It’s a small place so you will have to make a reservation. Traditional dishes, mostly based on a seafood are the speciality of this place. They also have some meat dishes but i particularly loved the seafood. 
  • Tavern Stare Grede: located 1 km away from the old town, its a family run place and serves delicious homemade food. This place is crawling with locals and they love it. 

Where to stay!

I would highly recommend staying inside the Diocletian’s Palace, very handy for sightseeing and there are lots of bars and restaurants around. We stayed at hotel Slavija which was a very nice and pleasant hotel and was close to the ferry and bus terminal.

When to visit!

You can have a great time in Croatia at any time of year.

The low season is from October to April, when the prices hit the bottom throughout the country and though it gets really cold you can still enjoy an ultra luxury holiday with spa’s, mud baths and skying . 

The high season is from June-August, when the prices are at its peak and so is the weather and all the fun. The sun is up almost all the time and its really warm and nice for swimming. 

The months of May and September are however the best (in my opinion) as there is less crowd, less heat and moderate prices. Though the weather might be unpredictable during this time, but the sun still comes up most of the time. 

I would say two days in Split were more then enough to visit all the important sites, strolling the streets, the market place and enjoying the cafes. But if you are more into history and maybe some island hoping then you might want to stay longer. For us two days was a very adequate time to enjoy split. 

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Until next time Keep on Traveling! 

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