A visit to Serengeti Safari Park Hodenhagen,Germany

It has always been my dream to visit Kenya or Tanzania for a chase after the wild Lions and Elephants, though Zebra’s and Giraffes would be sufficient as well :).

Visiting the Serengeti Safari in Germany was a very good experience which i will be sharing with you guys soon. I came to know of this place through YouTube, when i was just browsing through some videos of safari all around the world i landed upon this video, which said “Wild life Safari in Germany”!

So along with some friends we planned the visit, but unfortunately we could not get our hands on one of the night stay options there as they were all pretty much booked for the next 1-2 months.
The place is around 3 hours drive from Berlin, and just 40 minutes from Hannover so we stayed the night in Hannover and left around 9:30 from our hotel in Hannover.

Serengeti Safari Park in Hodenhagen  is split up into four themed lands – animal world, monkey world, water world and theme park world. In the animal world, you can drive through safari-style in your own car or join a bus tour (though i would not recommend the bus tour).

When we entered the park there was a long line of cars outside the ticket booth, oh darn! Only if we had bought our ticket online :(. But then came the savior who diverted us to the ticket both that was for those who had bought their tickets online “yahoooo”. But that might not always happen so i would suggest you get your tickets before hand.

So after buying our tickets and everything we were ready to enter the long-awaited safari.

Safari Regions:
The animal safari park has been divided into multiple regions and each region had a proper entrance gate along with a map that displayed all the animals that were to be found in that region of the park, So i would say it was pretty  organized and those maps made it even more interesting as then we knew which animal we were looking for :).



The animals were active, healthy and very interactive, and as i managed to sneak in some fruits and carrots i was able to feed the animals “hurrra”, in the beginning i was actually a bit reluctant as i didn’t want my hand being chopped off :P. But when i saw other people doing so i couldn’t stop myself. The animals were actually so used to the cars and people that once you take your hand’s outside the window or even just call them they will come running towards you in search of food. 

And then there was this little fellow, meet Mr. Show Off 😛

This guy was literally posing for the camera :/ and it was too funny, you guys need to see this!

So the park covers approx. 200 hectares and is divided into several different areas, almost all of which can be explored by car. Around 1,500 animals are free to roam in the large enclosures of the animal world, you’ll come across prides of lions and herds of wildebeest as well as buffaloes, giraffes, tigers and ostriches.

I know I know, you must be thinking where are the big cats? As soon as we entered the Africa region, this is what came into view:

A white lion! couldn’t capture a complete picture of this fellow but he was just looking around and relaxing :).

In the Africa section, we were not allowed to roll down our car windows and of course feeding was out of question :). There was a watch tower (and i forgot to capture it on camera) and a guard sitting inside with a riffle just incase something went wrong. Along with that there was a Safari jeep with another gunman inside who will come right next to you if you open up the window. 

Region Africa had two section, the first one had lions and the second one had tigers. 

The elephant breeding facility, one of the largest in Germany is also worth a look.

This is not where our tour ended there was a lot more fun because Serengeti Safari Park is not just about animals it is split up into four themed lands – animal world, monkey world, water world and theme park world. 

But lets keep this post short 😛 and talk about the other attraction in another chapter :). 

Some tips and suggestions:

  1. Buy tickets online: if you are planning to visit while public holidays.
  2. I would suggest not to take the Safari bus tour as it goes by very fast and you can’t stop where you want to and even feed the animals as the windows are closed.
  3. If you don’t have a car you can book a car there.
  4. You can sneak in some carrots to feed the Giraffes and Deers etc :P.
  5. Last but not the least for those of you traveling with kids older than 2 years can get a free ticket online for one of their kids.

Hope you enjoyed this safari tour with me. Until next time keep on traveling! 🙂

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